Building Joyful Community

with Ashley Ogal of We Teach Joy

Saturday, Oct 24 @ 2:30pm EST

Do you find yourself frustrated, stressed, or anxious? One of the most powerful antidotes is community. Join us to discover how joyful teaching flows from uplifting company - and how to create a community where you support, edify, and encourage each other in the Lord.

The session will begin at 2:30pm EST on Saturday, October 24. Please click this button to join us at that time:

Join us afterward in our Discussion Room to talk live with fellow educators about what you've learned and the questions you still have.

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About Ashley Ogal

Ashley is the visionary leader of We Teach Joy, a non-profit on a mission to empower, equip and encourage Christian educators. She's taught in classroom's all over the world and as a serious passion to build community for educators. Her students are often serenaded by her voice and blown away by her poor dancing skills. She loves the Lord and longs to live a life of sacrifice for His glory and fame. 

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