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These sessions were designed with YOU in mind & are here to provide the clarity, encouragement, and solutions you need to fulfill your calling in this challenging year.

Plan your weekend using the summit schedule below. Click on the title of each session for more details & to request a reminder.

Live Sessions

Please join us LIVE for the following sessions:


8:00pm ET
Kick-Off: Rise Up to Your Calling
with Mary, Poplin, David Schmus & Linda Kardamis

9:00pm ET
Idea Swap for Educators 
with YOU!


11:00am ET
Solutions to Legal Issues
with Caleb Dalton

1:00pm ET
Tame Your Out-of-Control To-Do List
with Linda Kardamis

2:30pm ET
Building Joyful Community
with Ashley Ogal

4:00pm ET
Creating Worldview Conversations with Essential Questions
with Dennis Eastman

5:00pm ET
Prayer Room

7:30pm ET
Motivating Students in 2020-21
with Dave Stuart, Jr.

8:30pm ET
Final Session: Staying Grounded in Turbulent Times 
with David Schmus & Linda Kardamis

⭐️ The Discussion Room will be open for 30 minutes after each of the Saturday morning/afternoon sessions.

On-Demand Sessions

You can watch the following sessions on demand throughout the weekend:

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Rise Up 2020 is designed to bring you the clarity, encouragement, and solutions you need to fulfill your calling in this challenging year.

Sessions revolve around three main topics:


Rise Up into Kingdom Impact

Discover practical ways to make a bigger difference - shining God's love and the light of His truths into your classroom - regardless of where you teach.


Rise Up out of Frustration

This year has been extra challenging, which can often lead to frustration, anxiety, or overwhelm. In these sessions, you'll learn how to overcome common frustrations and teach with joy and balance. And the result? A light that shines brighter than ever.


Rise Up into Effectiveness

We are called with all our heart, as unto the Lord. To that end, these sessions will provide practical strategies to make you a more effective teacher or educational leader, especially in this challenging year.

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Session Details & Reminders

Rise Up 2020 is designed to bring you the clarity, encouragement, and solutions you need to fulfill your calling in this challenging year.

You may request reminders for specific sessions using the buttons below. Or, click here to request a reminder for all live sessions.

(Please note that session topics and times are evolving and may be subject to change.)

Live Sessions

Friday, Oct. 23 @ 8:00pm EST

with Mary Poplin, David Schmus, & Linda Kardamis

In this inspirational summit kick-off, we'll examine our God-given calling as educators and discover how to gain strength by keeping our eyes on our calling & mission.

Idea Swap

Friday, Oct. 23 @ 9:00pm EST

with YOU & your fellow educators

Teachers have the best ideas, so why not share them!? Join us on Zoom to seek and share solutions with fellow educators.  

Saturday, Oct. 24 @ 11:00am EST

with Caleb Dalton & Jonathan Alexandre

From interacting with transgender students to worries about discrimination, Christian educators face a variety of legal concerns. Join us to get your questions answered & discover solutions to common legal challenges. 

Linda Kardamis

Saturday, Oct. 24 @ 1:00pm EST


with Linda Kardamis of Teach 4 the Heart

Do you spend way too much time working and still feel behind? In this super-practical session, you’ll learn actionable strategies and mindset shifts to rein in your out-of-control to-do list and find a bit of balance - without sacrificing your effectiveness as a teacher.

Saturday, Oct. 24 @ 2:30pm EST


with Ashley Ogal of We Teach Joy

Do you find yourself frustrated, stressed, or anxious? One of the most powerful antidotes is the community.  Join us to discover how joyful teaching flows from uplifting company - and how to create a community where you support, edify, and encourage each other in the Lord.

Dennis Eastman

Saturday, Oct. 24 @ 4:00pm EST

creating worldview conversations with essential questions

with Dennis Eastman of Biola University

What if Biblical integration in your public or private school classroom was as simple as starting with a question? Open-ended Essential Questions encourage higher-order thinking, spark further inquiry. and can be used in any subject or grade level. And most importantly, they sponsor biblically integrated moments as students search for answers. Come learn how to integrate Essential Questions in your teaching!

Saturday, Oct. 24 @ 5:00pm ET

praying together

With all the challenges we are facing, do you just need some prayer? Join us during this time to receive personal prayer from our team, and help us pray for others in an intimate breakout room setting. We believe that the Holy Spirit will meet you in a meaningful way as we come together in His presence.

Dave Stuart Jr.

Saturday, Oct. 24 @ 7:30pm EST


with Dave Stuart, Jr.

Struggling to keep students focused & engaged in this challenging year? Discover how to leverage five key beliefs that students hold about themselves and about school. The result: self-motivated lifelong learners - no matter what form learning takes!

Saturday, Oct. 24 @ 8:30pm EST

staying grounded in turbulent times

with Linda Kardamis & David Schmus

With everything happening this year, it's so easy to lose focus. Join us as we discuss how to keep our hearts grounded in the truth so we can rise up and fulfill our mission in these challenging days.

On-Demand Sessions

These sessions will be available on-demand October 22-27. 

Rise Up into Kingdom Impact

Mike Keas

teaching the whole story of evolution

with Dr. Mike Keas of Discovery Institute

Like it or not, many science educators are required to teach the theory of evolution. Our textbooks, however, only tell one side of the story, while good science (and the laws of several states) demand that we teach the whole story, including evidence against it. Join us to discover why we should teach both sides of the evolution debate as well as practical tips and curriculum for doing so.

David Schmus


with David Schmus of CEAI

Does the unseen world impact our classrooms? Absolutely. Scripture tells us that our enemy is not flesh and blood, but rather spiritual forces who seek to interrupt God’s plan for our lives and teaching. Learn how these unseen forces operate in our lives and how to get greater freedom and victory for ourselves and our students.

real racial reconciliation for challenging times

with Will Ford and Matt Lockett, authors of The Dream King

Sometimes it feels like our nation and schools are coming apart over racial division and how to heal it. Does God have a plan? Come hear the remarkable story of the “son of a former slave” and the “son of a former slave owner” whose lives intersected in a miraculous fulfillment of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech. You will be filled with hope that God is at work and can bring healing to our nation and classrooms if we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Dennis Eastman

integrating a biblical worldview through project-based learning 

with Dennis Eastman of Biola University

Education must move beyond the mere transmission of information from the lips of a teacher to the ears of a passive listener.  When a Biblically integrated curriculum meets project-based learning, students are invited to look more deeply at the why rather than just the what in the problem solving process. This model allows both public & private school students to dive deeper into the subject through sustained inquiry, depth of analysis, and an intentional exploration of a biblical worldview. 

Todd Steenbergen


with Todd Steenbergen

Did you know that many states now have laws allowing and even requiring schools to offer elective Bible courses in public schools? While these courses cannot be taught devotionally, they do expose students to the influence of Scripture on history, literature, and culture. Come learn pro tips on teaching a Bible elective course.

FREE to speak: seeking religious freedom in our public schools

with Eric Buehrer of Gateways to Better Education

We have all witnessed sweeping cultural shifts that have changed the fundamental values of popular culture. God-willing, could we spark a similar shift toward valuing religious freedom in our nation? Join us for a conversation about the religious rights of students in public schools, recent federal action to protect them, and a blueprint for leading a shift toward greater value for religious freedom.

David Schmus


with David Schmus of CEAI

Are you curious about Christian groups, clubs, and campus ministry? In this encore session from Rise Up 2019, David shares how you can use these extracurricular opportunities to spread the Good News across your public school campus.

David Schmus

teach with faith, not fear (ENCORE)

with David Schmus of CEAI

Where are the legal lines drawn for public school educators? Can we tell our students about our faith? Learn the key federal law that sets those boundaries and how it applies in specific situations in the classroom so you can shine your light with confidence.

Rise Up out of Frustration

Grace Over Grind: How God’s Grace Enables Us to Work Without the Stress

with Michele Holiday of Feed Their Needs

The pressure of our to-do list can be overwhelming, but yet God calls us to rest. How can this be? Join us to discover a God-centered approach to work, and how to rely on His grace to truly eliminate stress and find balance, despite the busyness.

Crystal Kershaw

helping students overcome anxiety

with Crystal Kershaw

Many of our students are struggling with anxiety during this challenging year. In this session, you’ll discover practical tools to help all students cope with and overcome anxiety. We’ll also explore how to counsel Christian students to find hope and peace in God and His truths.

Paula Phillips

Uplifting teachers & students

with Paula Phillips of Right Road Kids

This year is full of extra challenges. Join us for an encouraging session where we'll discuss ways to uplift our students, coworkers, and ourselves!

Jackie Matthews

a christ-centered approach to dealing with difficult people

with Jackie Matthews of The Empowered Classroom

As educators, we sometimes encounter difficult people, whether they be parents, co-workers, school leaders, or students. But, as Christians, our response should look vastly different than what we see in the world around us. Join us as we seek to follow Christ’s example in dealing with those who frustrate us.

taking action to teach with joy

with Sarah Humes of Teach 4 the Heart

This session will empower you with practical action steps to make joyful teaching (and LIVING!) within your reach. God wants us to find joy in the everyday and you will learn how to do that with regular routines, practical problem solving, and identifying joy killers.

Rise Up into Effectiveness

understanding trauma (and how to help)

with Dr. Ivy Bonk of Every Child Whole

Is it possible that many of our students’ diagnosed learning disabilities are actually the effects of childhood trauma? Join us to understand the pervasive effects of trauma and how to implement trauma-sensitive practices for your students.

using god's blueprint to reduce trauma-related inequities

with Dr. Ivy Bonk of Every Child Whole

As educators, we are called to help unlock every child’s God-given story. But when trauma interrupts those stories, and our educational systems aren’t built to address these challenges, inequities result. This session is designed for educational leaders who want to help build new structures to enable every child to access their God-given story. 

creating a welcoming, diverse classroom

with Taren Mangual

God has gifted us with beautifully diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. Join us to discover how to celebrate diversity in your classroom and make everyone feel welcome. Plus, we'll also answer the common question, "Shouldn't we just be colorblind?"

Vicki Davis

Innovate without Overwhelm (+ tech tips!)

with Vicki Davis of the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

Overwhelmed with all the new expectations being thrown at you? In this session, Vicki Davis shares her secret for learning new skills and technology without feeling overwhelmed. You’ll also get specific tips and ideas for how to use digital tools to enhance learning in-person or online.

Easy Differentiation for ELA
(or any subject)

with Laura Kebart of

Differentiation can feel so overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! Join us to discover simple ways to differentiate - without taking a ton of time! Some ideas are specific for ELA, but many will work in any subject.

conquering math anxiety: how to help all students succeed at math

with Rick Scarfi of MathLight

Do you have students who are terrified of math or just think they can’t do it? We know that’s not true!  Every student can succeed at math, and this session will give you five core strategies to help students conquer their fear of math and experience success!

Cara Starns

recognizing the signs of child trafficking

with Cara Starns of Safe Passage

The most common forms of child trafficking aren’t what we see in movies. In actuality, many victims appear to live “normal” lives, including living at home and going to school. In this session, you will build awareness of these less obvious but more common methods of child trafficking and learn to recognize the signs of victimization in our students.

Jackie Matthews

strategies to engage students in remote learning

with Jackie Matthews of The Empowered Classroom

Struggling to keep remote learners focused? In this session, you'll discover 5 fun, easy ways to increase engagement during online learning, while having fun with your kids!

Dr. Bill Ziegler

getting your first (or next) teaching job

with Dr. Bill Ziegler

Wondering how you'll find your next (or first) job as a teacher? Join us to discover practical tips to craft a good resume, get interviews, and find the job God has for you.


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