Conquering Math Anxiety: How to Help ALL Students Succeed at Math

with Rick Scarfi of Mathlight

Do you have students who are terrified of math or just think they can’t do it? We know that’s not true! Every student can succeed at math, and this session will give you five core strategies to help students conquer their fear of math and experience success!


About Rick Scarfi

Rick Scarfi is a veteran math teacher of over 30 years. One of his biggest strengths is his uncanny ability to explain complex mathematical topics in a way that students easily understand. Not only does Rick have the intangible ability to make challenging concepts appear simple, but he also pioneered the concept of math notes. He recently took his experience and skills and created MathLight, providing teachers with video lessons and resources that make math easy to understand - and teach.

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  • Diana says:

    Great information. Thank you. I have a group activity in History class next week and your group work tips will help.

  • An says:

    Fantastic information! Thank you for including this session in the Summit.