Engaging Students in Remote Learning

with Jackie Matthews of The Empowered Classroom

Struggling to keep remote learners focused? In this session, you'll discover 5 fun, easy ways to increase engagement during online learning, while having fun with your kids!


Jackie Matthews

About Jackie Matthews

Jackie grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, earning her undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and her masters in Gifted Education from Liberty University. Jackie's heart and life belong to Jesus Christ and her greatest joy is serving Christ by serving others. She taught gifted elementary for many years and won the award for Best In Washington state for her gifted program. 

She later taught high school and then began offering professional development courses in Gifted Education, Differentiated Instruction and Student Engagement strategies to schools and teachers across the US. Last summer, long before the world heard of Covid-19, the Lord prompted her to write a book encouraging teachers to lean in to God's wisdom and strength in the days ahead. Her book "The Power of the Positive Teacher" is filled with God's word and His precepts to encourage and support today's Christian teacher. She is the host of the podcast, The Positive Teacher available on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, and Listen Notes. Jackie loves teaching and coaching teachers to become highly successful in the classroom, while maintaining a balanced and healthy life. You will often hear Jackie say, "You plus God are an unbeatable team." Jackie and her husband John have been married for 35 years and have 5 children and one grandchild.

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  • I am looking forward to connecting with http://www.gonoodle.com! If in a Christian context, I also enjoy using Scripture verse videos available on You Tube from Saddleback Kids, Jumstart 3, Hillsong Kids, Seeds Family Worship, with action-packed motions, more easily hiding God’s Word in our hearts.

  • Another great game that has been helpful at both the Elementary and Secondary Levels at our school is Kahoot! The people that have been most helpful setting these games up are in 6th and 7th grade.