Grace Over Grind: How God’s Grace Enables Us to Work Without the Stress

with Michele Holiday of Feed Their Needs

The pressure of our to-do list can be overwhelming, but yet God calls us to rest. How can this be? Join us to discover a God-centered approach to work, and how to rely on His grace to truly eliminate stress and find balance, despite the busyness.


About Michele Holiday

Michele Holiday is a Behavior Strategist who works with teachers and schools to help them learn and implement effective strategies for classroom and behavior management.

After spending over 15 years working with students, schools and families, Michele believes that the key to reducing and stopping challenging student behavior and restoring order, positivity and productivity to classrooms is not more rules or suspensions but by looking beyond the behaviors and feeding the needs of students.  

As a former District Program Specialist Of Behavior in South Florida, Michele stepped away from the public school system and started a consulting and training business to equip teachers and schools across the country.

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  • Alva Jeffries says:

    Everything you talked about is so familiar to me because that was me. Linda did a talk about management that’s when I started to see it but didn’t do anything until I heard this today. I said yesterday that I am not taking work home and then you gave this talk today. I have been seeing God’s affirmation daily and I am amazed. This talk is an answer to my prayer. God is steady showing me that he is listening and I am in awe that HE loves me enough that he talks to me personally. He is putting people in my life to bring me forward and not be afraid because He is with me. Getting rest and taking care of my body is important. I take of everyone else but I need to take care of myself as well. Thank you for this message of affirmation

  • Katy says:

    This interview was so refreshing. Why? My grind was completely smashing over my grace. I’m remote and Zooming and have ghosting students, failing students, new grade level, new curriculum (by choice so I can stay home with immune-compromised family member). But wow, you two have given me a big drink of water to refresh my spirit… thanks…

  • Donna Farmer says:

    I really appreciate the encouragement that God loves us so much and His and for us are the best!

  • Yuri Kim says:

    What an amazing session! Thank you for the wonderful tips!

  • Karen Marklein says:

    Thank you for sharing and reminding me of the goodness of God

  • Cathy says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and ways we need to bring God into our daily routines. We should all have a prayer walk each day to help us clear our heads and see the truth.

  • Carey Lindner says:

    This was much needed. The checklist will be a must for teachers!

  • Lonnie says:

    I really enjoyed listening to Michele. I especially liked the real life, in the trenches suggestions. I’m going to start scheduling a conference with God during my planning time for 5 minutes daily!

  • Sarah Forren says:

    A great reminder that we don’t need to know everything, do everything, and be everything. God is present in the now. He wants us to succeed. He loves to show his love. He sees where we are and where we are going. Takeaway: Stop, pause and connect.

  • Michelle says:

    Thank you! This was so helpful and encouraging.

  • Heather Podbielski says:

    I needed this reminder. God has called and equipped me to do the job I have been hired to do. I need to work on my physical rest cycle and learn to rest in God more. Subscribed!

  • Debbie Clarke says:

    Thank you for this reminder! I will be working to stop, pause and connect!

  • Michele! Thank you so much for the practical reminders in this workshop. Putting these into practice now, will help us all as we seek to serve with the “new normal” for long term effectiveness.