Helping Students Overcome Anxiety

with Crystal Kershaw of Fieldstone Counseling

Many of our students are struggling with anxiety during this challenging year. In this session, you’ll discover practical tools to help all students cope with and overcome anxiety. We’ll also explore how to counsel Christian students to find hope and peace in God and His truths.


Crystal Kershaw

About Crystal Kershaw

Crystal is a Christ-follower, wife, mother, friend, educator, and author. She cherishes the Gospel, and the miraculous ability it has to bring beauty from ashes. Crystal has an extensive background in women's ministry and Christian Education, and is the founder of Spirit & Strength, a Christ-centered exercise ministry. She has authored a repertoire of studies and conferences on topics including authentic faith, overcoming anxiety, attaching to God, and engaged parenting. 

Crystal holds a Masters in Pastoral Counseling, with a focus on women, children, and adolescents. In addition to her work with Fieldstone Counseling, Crystal serves as the Associate Head of School and Director of Counseling at Cornerstone Christian Academy. Her blog, Please Pass the Mustard Seeds, features faith builders for the real world. She and her husband Jeff have three adult children, and make their home in Northeast Ohio.

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  • Carol George says:

    This is great information. As a special education teacher I have tons of kids that need anxiety relief tools, not just at work my even my own children. It really hit the nail on the head when stated “we don’t really even “ask” our kids a lot about their day”. And it’s so true, the normal “how was your day” is not good enough to help them with everything they are processing. I will surely be sharing this with my students. Thank you so much!

  • jessica zimmermann de Landa says:

    very encouraging!!!

  • Alva Jeffries says:

    This is so needed. I think adults sometimes don’t realize that our students/kids have anxiety too so I loved that you acknowledge this and help adults to help them. I am a School Counselor but I am also a teacher, I have to do standards, do lesson planning, writing goals, and I give points instead of grades. I love teaching my students but I equally love counseling. There is no greater joy than seeing a student/adult become the person they deserve to be and sometimes, with God’s help, I have had a hand in that. Anxiety can be so overwhelming for students and it doesn’t exhibit itself in the same fashion as adults and many times the adult in their lives misdiagnose anxiety. Thanks for talking about this much needed topic and I got a lot from it as well.

  • Angela Putt says:

    Mental health is one of my biggest areas of concern and was a central part of my master’s thesis. It was refreshing to hear about anxiety from a Christian perspective, but also to see how much Christian and secular approaches overlap.

  • Christy says:

    Thanks for sharing those ideas. I teach at a school with a high number of military kids. There is a lot of anxiety there.

  • Esther Waithira says:

    Great tips on helping students over come their anxiety.

  • Debbie Clarke says:

    Thank you for the reminder to just do the next thing! Also, good reminder to check on my students emotionally!