Idea Swap

Friday, Oct 23 @ 9:00pm ET

Teachers have the best ideas, so why not share them!? Join us on Zoom to seek and share solutions with fellow educators.  


We all know that the best ideas come from fellow teachers, and hearing what's working for someone else can be invaluable! That's exactly what we'll do in this Idea Swap for Educators.

They'll be five Zoom rooms open, each with its respective topic:

There is no guest speaker. Rather, you'll be talking directly with other teachers just like you, sharing ideas and asking questions like you would in the the teachers' lounge - but without the drama!

At 9pm ET on Friday, simply click one of the links above to go to the Zoom room of your choice. Keep this page open & feel free to switch between rooms whenever you'd like.

See you there!

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  • Hannah Oluwaseunfunmi Rotimi says:

    I’ve not been able to join any of the sessions today,please what’s going on?

  • Rebeka Willett says:

    Mental and spiritual wellness zoom was good I was late but the songs from Jaunita was awesome.