We hope you're enjoying the free sessions this week! But we have so much more for you!

Grab the audio recordings and listen to all 25 sessions from the 2019 Rise Up Summit on-the-go (or around the home)!


When you download the audio album, you'll have access to recordings of all 25 sessions. They're formatted just like a music album, so you can easily listen on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

> Main Kick-Off Session
with David Schmus & Linda Kardamis

> Responding Biblically to the Crisis of Anxiety 
with JP Moreland

> A Time in the Word
with Bonnie & Bethany of Teachers in the Word

> How to Legally Live Out Your Faith in the Public School
with David Schmus

> Experiencing Victory Amidst the Struggles of Teaching
with Vicki Davis

> Living Christlike in a Hostile Work Environment 
with Finn Laursen

> Classroom Management Solutions 
with Linda Kardamis

> Finding Balance as an Educator
with Jessica Cabeen

> Helping Students Succeed by Engaging Families
with Eric Buehrer

> Flip Your Class & Watch Students Excel
with Rick Scarfi

> Motivating Students & Building Community
with Jessica Boschen

> Strategies to Lead with Courage & Strength
with Bill Ziegler

> Navigating Gender Identity with Truth & Love
with Jonathan Holmes

> Counseling Students with Biblical Truth
with Crystal Kershaw

> Integrating a Biblical Worldview across All Subjects
with Eric Reenders

> Proactive Solutions for Mental Health & Bullying Crises
with Deborah Tackmann

> Practices to Overcome Anxiety
with JP Moreland

> Supporting Students Affected by Trauma
with Noelle Pickering

>Groups, Clubs, & Campus Ministry: Where to Start
with David Schmus

> Teaching with Joy when Things Are Tough
with Ashley Ogal

> The Master Teacher: Learning to Teach Like Jesus
with Marilyn Rhames

> Our Faith Works: At School!
with William Jeynes

> Building Community with Other Christian Educators
with Mike Hicks

> Creating Reading & Writing Workshops
with Jen Bengel

> Q&A and Closing Encouragement
with Linda Kardamis & David Schmus