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Live Sessions

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11:00am ET
Motivating Students to Put Effort into Learning
with Dave Stuart, Jr. 

1:00pm ET
Disarming Discouragement & Encountering Hope Workshop
with David Schmus, Elizabeth Schmus & Heather Kohnen

2:30pm ET
Classroom Management that Fosters Respect
Linda Kardamis

4:00pm ET
Teach with Faith (not Fear): Navigating Religion in Public Schools 
with David Schmus

7:30pm ET
Summit Finale: Speaking Truth to Our Souls When Teaching Is Tough
with Ellie Holcomb, Linda Kardamis, & David Schmus

8:30pm ET
Idea Swap & Prayer Room
with David Schmus, Linda Kardamis, & You!

⭐️ The Discussion Room will be open for 30 minutes after the 8:00pm session on Friday as well as the 11am, 1pm, 2:30pm and 4:00pm sessions on Saturday.

On-Demand Sessions Designed for School Leaders

Watch the following sessions on-demand throughout the weekend:

Hope in Your Leadership

Christian Admins In Public Schools: How to Lead Well  
with the Public School Principal Panel

On-Demand Sessions

Watch the following sessions on-demand throughout the weekend:

Hope in Your Mission

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Teaching Abroad
Exhibition Session sponsored by Teach Beyond

Using Education to Reach the Unreached Around the World
Exhibition Session sponsored by International School Consortium

Hope in Your Mindset

Hope in Your Methods

Choosing Hopeful Literature in a Depressing Culture
with Janie B. Cheaney & Team of

Saving Time with Grading, Lesson Planning, & Paperwork
with Linda Kardamis, Alexx Seipp, Jen Frey & sarah humes

Using Your Unique Strengths to Create Moments of Meaningful Connection
Sponsored Exhibition Session with Joe Elliott of Catalyst Collective

Get a World-Class Graduate Degree Online with Liberty University
Sponsored Exhibition Session by liberty university

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Rise Up 2022 is here to provide answers, hope & encouragement so you can teach from a place of hope - by God’s grace!  

Sessions revolve around three main topics:


Hope In Your Mission

Be inspired by new ideas for how you can make a difference - shining God's love and the light of His truths into your classroom - regardless of where you teach.


Hope In Your Mind

This last year and a half has been extra challenging, and you may be feeling frustrated, anxious, or overwhelmed. In these sessions, you'll learn how to overcome common frustrations and teach with joy and balance. And the result? A light that shines brighter than ever.


Hope In Your Methods

Need some fresh inspiration for your classroom? These sessions will provide practical strategies to renew your methods and make you a more effective educator.

You also won't want to miss this years' Exhibition Sessions, which will introduce you to some of our amazing partners and the fantastic resources they have to support you as an educator (many of which are free!)

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Live Sessions

October 21, 2022 at 8 PM EST
Summit Kick-Off: Rise Up with Enduring Hope in the Face of Cultural Challenges

with John Stonestreet of Colson Center and Peter Greer of Hope International

No one has to tell you that teaching these days is hard, and it can be easy to feel disillusioned or even cynical. In this exciting summit kick-off, John Stonestreet, president of the Colson Center, and Peter Greer, CEO of Hope International, join David Schmus & Linda Kardamis to discuss how we as educators can find enduring hope in Christ, even in the midst of so many cultural challenges.

Dave Stuart Jr.

October 22, 2022 at 11 AM EST

with Dave Stuart Jr. 

It's hard to help students learn when they don't really care to. But fun activities and candy bribes will never solve this problem because true motivation stems from what students believe in their hearts. In this session, Dave Stuart, Jr. will unpack how we can help students internalize the belief that wise, strategic effort pays off. Because when students believe that they can succeed, they'll be much more motivated to keep trying.

October 22, 2022 at 1 PM EST
Disarming Discouragement & Encountering Hope Workshop

with David & Elizabeth Schmus and Heather Kohnen of CEAI

Do you ever wonder how life and teaching would feel if you weren’t limited by challenges like discouragement, fear, disappointment, or inadequacy? Join us for a live interactive experience, deeply rooted in Scripture, that will help you banish discouragement and walk in hope.

Linda Kardamis

October 22, 2022 at 2:30 PM EST
Classroom management that fosters respect

with Linda Kardamis of Teach 4 the Heart

Have you found your classroom derailed by misbehavior, chaos, and disrespect? It's time to create a classroom management plan that actually works! Join us to discover how to create a plan that fosters respect, helps students focus, and results in a smooth-running classroom.

David Schmus

October 22, 2022 at 4 PM EST
Teach with Faith (not Fear): Navigating Religion in Public Schools

with David Schmus of CEAI

Where are the legal lines drawn for public school educators? Can we tell our students about our faith? How do recent Supreme Court rulings affect our religious freedoms? Learn the key federal law that sets those boundaries and how it applies in specific situations in the classroom so you have clarity on what you can (and cannot) do to influence students for good. You’ll leave with your questions answered and ready to step into your teaching with confidence.

October 22, 2022 at 7:30 PM EST

Summit Finale: Speaking Truth to Our Souls When Teaching Is Tough

with Ellie Holcomb singer/songwriter

Join us for the exciting summit finale with David Schmus and Linda Kardamis, along with an interview with singer-songwriter Ellie Holcomb. Whether the basic "busy and tired" of teaching has you overwhelmed or you're facing a season when things feel especially dark, this session will speak hope to your soul. Listen as Ellie shares how God's Word is an anchor, a balm, and a light in the darkness. Discover how we can use His words to fight back the lies we too often believe and find hope in Him, no matter what we face.

Idea Swap

October 22, 2022 at 8:30 PM EST

Teacher Idea Swap and prayer room

with You!

Teachers have the best ideas, so why not share them!? Join us live to seek out and share solutions with fellow educators.  

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On-Demand Sessions

These sessions will be available from October 20-25th. 


Serving Jesus in Your Classroom Mission Field

with David Platt of Radical

In all the busyness of teaching, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that God has placed us right where we are for a reason. Join us as David Platt, author of Radical, inspires us to teach on mission - reaching those people whom God has placed in our path, and clinging to the hope that is to be found only in Christ.

Insights for Educators on Race, Identity, the Gospel & Hope

with author Jasmine Holmes

As Christian teachers, we stand emphatically against racism. But trying to understand complex racial issues can still be confusing. In this session, Jasmine Holmes, teacher and author of Mother to Son: Letters to a Black Boy on Identity & Hope, provides valuable insights, helping us view race and identity through the lens of the Gospel and exploring how we can exhibit care, grace, and love in our classrooms and conversations.

Building Positive Relationships with Students, Colleagues & Parents

with Sarah Trussell of TeachBeyond

Having good relationships is vital if we hope to make a difference in our students' lives, but that doesn't mean it's easy. In this session, Sarah Trussell from TeachBeyond will provide guidance on how to develop positive relationships not only with students but also with colleagues and parents.


Gender Identity, Anxiety, and Depression: Reshaping Identity Issues with the Gospel

with Jonathan Holmes of Fieldstone Counseling

At the core of many of the issues facing both teens and adults is a question of identity. From confusion about gender or sexual identity to struggles with anxiety, depression, and self-worth, how we view ourselves is at the core. Join us to discover the differences between a traditional view of identity and a modern one, and how a Gospel identity transcends and transforms both views, enabling us to overcome with our identity fixed in Christ.


The Forgotten Power of Intercessory Prayer

with Tyler Staton of Bridgetown Church

Prayer is the subject of Jesus’ most audacious promises this side of grace, but prayer is also the subject of doubt and disappointment for so many believers. What if something as simple as prayer, properly understood and practiced, can not only become the source of intimacy in our personal lives but also create renewal and revival in our schools?


Don’t Get Fired: Best Practices & Common Missteps in Public School Employment

with David Schmus, David Piccolo, Finn Laursen and Jean Lamfers of Christian Educators

Avoidable missteps can often land well-meaning Christian educators in unfortunate circumstances in our public schools. Let a panel of experts from Christian Educators help you remain long-term in your calling and be a blessing to your school. We will answer the most critical questions we receive from our members, helping you to avoid pitfalls, learn best practices, and thrive as an ambassador for Christ where He has placed you.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Teaching Abroad

with Heather Brown of TeachBeyond

Have you ever thought about teaching internationally? In this session, the Director of Mobilization at TeachBeyond will walk you through self-coaching questions to help you discern if God is calling you to a new opportunity: perhaps teaching abroad. You’ll consider how God has been leading you up to this point and explore possible next steps to pursue serving with TeachBeyond.

Using Education to Reach the Unreached Around the World

with Tim Wong of International Schools Consortium

More and more of the world is closing its doors to Christians, and countries like China and the UAE are limiting the number of Christians able to work and serve in them. But in spite of these closed doors, teachers and educators can still get into these largely unreached areas. Come and learn how education continues to be the key that opens even the greatest barriers and helps fulfill God's call to bring the gospel to the lost around the world.



Responding to Controversial Issues with Compassion, Conviction, & Hope

with author/speaker Dr. Sean McDowell

So much of our cultural discourse has devolved into shouting past each other. How can we engage with students, parents, and colleagues on important controversial issues in ways that both speak the truth and demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus? Join author and Christian apologist Sean McDowell as he equips & inspires us to be a light in our schools through conversations we may have previously thought impossible.

Vicki Davis

Walking in Hope When Life is Hard

with Vicki Davis of The Cool Cat Teacher

Whether they happen in or out of the classroom, trials are never easy - but, oh, how God can work in through them! In this hopeful session, Vicki Davis shares how God showed up and showed Himself strong as she dealt with a debilitating broken foot. Discover how you, too, can walk in hope every day of your life and rest in God's goodness, even in the midst of trials.


Stop Being a Superhero: Preventing Teacher Burnout

with Pratia Jordan of Prayer and Pedagogy

Too often we find ourselves trying to be a superhero, thinking somehow we can keep going, serve everyone, get everything done without getting the rest and refreshment that we need. Join us as we discuss the need to establish patterns of work and rest, bear each others' burdens, and see Jesus as the Superhero, not ourselves.

Overcoming self-censorship amidst a cancel culture

with Clint Elliot of A Cornerstone Law Group

In our current cancel-culture environment, many Christian educators end up self-censoring their own speech and actions. But when we fail to speak truth, our students’ learning is diminished, and we start to feel disillusioned and dispirited. In this session, we’ll examine recent research about why this is happening and discuss an empowered path forward to overcome self-censorship through faithful living.


Prioritizing Your Time when There's Not Enough to Go Around

with Dr. Sandra Battige of Liberty University

Do you ever feel like you're living at warp speed twenty-four/seven? In this session, you'll learn how to prioritize your time and integrate spiritual disciplines throughout your day so you can walk in peace and experience true rest, despite the busyness.


Responding with Hope & the Love of Jesus

with Ashley Ogal of WeTeachJoy

Whether in the classroom or in school leadership, God gives us opportunities to influence those around us and to be excellent for the Kingdom. Join us as Ashley Ogal shares tools to help us be hopeful educators, responding like Jesus (even when we might not feel like it), and speaking to families in different ways because of the love God has given us.



Teaching Reading comprehension with scripture (or any text) 

with Laura Kebart of Language Arts Teachers

Want to increase students' reading comprehension without needing a multitude of texts from different levels? Language expert Laura Kebart shares how you can use any single text (including Scripture in Christian schools) to both address reading struggles and also challenge advanced students.


Building Belonging: Strategies for Engaging Students of All Abilities

with Tyler Harms of All Belong

Too many students are simply not engaged at school, but with some intentional planning, you can change that in your classroom. Discover practical strategies to keep your students engaged and create a classroom community where students feel they belong.


Saving Time with Grading, Lesson Planning, & Paperwork

with Linda Kardamis, Alexx Seipp, Jen Frey, and Sarah Humes of Teach4theHeart

If grading, paperwork, and lesson planning are taking up way too much of your time, you won't want to miss this session. Join us as the Teach 4 the Heart team shares a variety of ideas to streamline and save time in these areas that need our attention, but shouldn't be taking over our lives.

Critical Thinking Skills to Help Students Navigate Our Confused Culture

with Dr. Bunnie Claxton of Liberty University

From social media to school hallways, students are bombarded with ideas and arguments that they rarely stop to analyze because the information is disguised or misleading. As a result, students believe false ideas which may hurt themselves and others. In this session, Dr. Claxton will teach a framework to help students think critically and discern truth for themselves in both public and private schools.


Choosing Hopeful Literature in a Depressing Culture

with Janie B. Cheaney & Team of

As teachers, we know it’s vital for students to not only read well but to enjoy reading. But sometimes finding the right books for students can be difficult. In this session, the ladies of Redeemed Reader will teach us how to identify quality literature and use it to grow a love of reading in our students. We’ll also discuss how books can prompt worldview conversations and how to avoid books that could bring harm to the minds and hearts of our students.

Using Your Unique Strengths to Create Moments of Meaningful Connection

with Joe Elliot of The Catalyst Collective

With limited time in the classroom and lots of material to cover, it can be challenging to make the connections you desire to have with students. In this session, you will learn how you can create intentional moments that drive a deeper connection with and among your students. Author, speaker and founder of the Catalyst Collective, Joe Elliott, will walk you through the 5 strategies that helped his team discover and leverage their strengths in order to spark a fresh movement of teen mentoring in Austin, Texas. Get ready to be inspired by real stories of impact that remind you why you chose to become a teacher in the first place!

Get a world-class graduate degree online with liberty university

with Michelle B. Goodwin of Liberty University

Want a graduate degree but don't have time to commute to campus each week? We understand! We have solutions! Learn about Liberty University's online programs with flexible offerings to help you meet your educational goals! This session will provide you with an overview of Liberty’s programs that can help you prepare for a career in teaching, school administration, school counseling, curriculum development, higher education administration, and more.

Hope in YOUR Leadership


Marketing & Enrollment Strategies for Private Schools

with Sadie Elliot of the Herzog Foundation

"How can we increase enrollment?" If this question has been on your mind, this session with the Herzog Foundation will provide clarity, ideas, and next steps to improve your school's marketing, increase quality prospects, and, Lord willing, see your enrollment increase.


Preparing Your School to Face Risks & Change

with Pete Marra of the Colson Center

Learn about the risks facing schools today, ranging from big tech, government mandates, and teacher shortages. You'll gain practical tools to help you identify and plan for mitigating risks. Best practices for Business Continuity Planning will also be shared to help you prepare your school and leaders to be risk aware. Additionally, you will learn where and how to find opportunities for innovation along the way.


Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Building an Environment that Supports Healing & Success

with Andrea Parson of Trauma-Sensitive School Leadership

Learn about the risks facing schools today, ranging from big tech, government mandates, and teacher shortages. You'll gain practical tools to help you identify and plan for mitigating risks. Best practices for Business Continuity Planning will also be shared to help you prepare your school and leaders to be risk aware. Additionally, you will learn where and how to find opportunities for innovation along the way.


Christian Admins in Public Schools: How to Lead Well

with the Public School Principal Panel

Being a Christian principal or administrator in a public school is one of the most challenging callings in our culture today, yet it holds incredible potential to extend justice and introduce students, faculty, parents, and entire communities to the culture and values of the Kingdom of God. Come learn from a panel of experienced public school principals who have successfully infused school culture with God’s love and wisdom while respecting the legal requirements of their roles.


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