Taking Action to Teach with Joy

with Sarah Humes of Teach 4 the Heart

This session will empower you with practical action steps to make joyful teaching (and LIVING!) within your reach. God wants us to find joy in the everyday and you will learn how to do that with regular routines, practical problem solving, and identifying joy killers.


About Sarah Humes

Sarah Rose Humes lives in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Sarah is a Spanish teacher and a Customer Experience Manager for Teach 4 the Heart.  She ADORES her jobs and is thankful she can serve God and His people in these ways.  Sarah is known for her smile and her passion.  She currently resides with her family in two small dorm rooms because sometimes God leads you to unexpected places.  Sarah primarily teaches Spanish at a private Christian academy, but has dabbled in teaching ESL, Public Speaking, and is now teaching Math.   

She has been married to her husband David for 15 years.  They have two amazing children, Micah and Lydia.  Their family is rounded out with two adorable kitties, Bruce and Charles.  Sarah loves music, language, cats, sloths, socks that fit just right, dresses that twirl when you spin, coffee, minimalism, sunsets, art, trivia, interesting history (not the boring kind), and puns in all languages. 

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