These sessions were designed with YOU in mind & are here to provide the clarity, encouragement, and solutions you need to fulfill your calling in this challenging year.

Plan your weekend using the summit schedule below. Click on the title of each session for more details.

Live Sessions

Please join us LIVE for the following sessions at the times indicated:


8:00pm ET
Kick-Off: Rise Up Renewed + Q&A
with Francis Chan, David Schmus & Linda Kardamis

9:00pm ET
Idea Swap for Educators 
with YOU!


11:00am ET
The Will to Learn: helping students genuinely care in a world that often doesn't
with Dave Stuart, Jr. 

1:00pm ET
Responding to Challenges Like Jesus Would
with David Schmus, Elizabeth Schmus and Heather Kohnen 

2:30pm ET
Strategies for Classroom Management Success
with Michele Holiday

4:00pm ET
Processing Grief and Disappointment
with Janice Tarleton

5:00pm ET
Prayer Room

7:30pm ET
Tactics: A Realistic Gameplan for Discussing Christian Convictions
with Greg Koukl

8:30pm ET
Teaching Renewed All Year Long
with David Schmus & Linda Kardamis

⭐️ The Discussion Room will be open for 30 minutes after the 11am, 1pm, and 2:30pm sessions on Saturday.


These sponsored sessions will introduce you to some of our amazing partners and the fantastic resources they have to support you as an educator (many of which are free!)

Reignite Your Passion for Teaching
by Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University & Biola University
will have representatives available to answer questions during our Idea Swap at 9pm Friday evening

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Rise Up 2021 is here to provide answers, hope & encouragement so you can teach from a place of renewal - by God’s grace!  

Sessions revolve around three main topics:


Renew Your Mission

Be inspired by new ideas for how you can make a difference - shining God's love and the light of His truths into your classroom - regardless of where you teach.


Renew Your Mind

This last year and a half has been extra challenging, and you may be feeling frustrated, anxious, or overwhelmed. In these sessions, you'll learn how to overcome common frustrations and teach with joy and balance. And the result? A light that shines brighter than ever.


Renew Your Methods

Need some fresh inspiration for your classroom? These sessions will provide practical strategies to renew your methods and make you a more effective educator.

You also won't want to miss this years' Exhibition Sessions, which will introduce you to some of our amazing partners and the fantastic resources they have to support you as an educator (many of which are free!)

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Session Details

Check out the details for each session here:

(Please note that session topics and times are evolving and may be subject to change.)

Live Sessions

Francis Chan

Friday, Oct. 22 @ 8:00pm EST
Summit Kick-off: Rise Up Renewed Plus Q&A

with Francis Chan, David Schmus, & Linda Kardamis

In this inspirational summit kick-off, we'll examine our God-given calling as educators and discover how to gain strength by keeping our eyes on our calling & mission.

Idea Swap

Friday, Oct. 22 @ 9:00pm EST

with YOU & your fellow educators

Teachers have the best ideas, so why not share them!? Join us on Zoom to seek and share solutions with fellow educators. Representatives from Biola University and Grand Canyon University will also be available to answer questions.   

Dave Stuart Jr.

Saturday, Oct. 23 @ 11:00am EDT
the will to learn: helping students genuinely care in a world that often doesn't

with Dave Stuart, Jr.

For students to grow and succeed, they have to care about the work they are doing. But how do we get them to care? In this session, we'll examine the five key beliefs that unlock care and how to instill them in your classroom.

Saturday, Oct. 23 @ 1:00pm EDT

Responding to challenges like Jesus would 

with David Schmus, Elizabeth Schmus, and Heather Kohnen

Chuck Swindoll famously said, “Life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it.” At CEAI, we see a common pattern: educators who want to be used by God in their schools suddenly find themselves facing challenges with the potential to derail God’s purposes. Through this session taken from the innovative AWAKE One-Day Experience, you will unlock key insights into how we respond to challenges, and discover new strategies to experience greater peace and kingdom impact.

Saturday, Oct. 23 @ 2:30pm EST

Strategies for Classroom management success

with Michele Holiday of Feed their Needs

Do you want to create a safe, orderly, and productive classroom environment? In this session, Michele Holiday will share practical strategies to help you manage your classroom and student behaviors with less stress and less struggle

Saturday, Oct. 23 @ 4:00pm EST

Processing Grief and Disappointment

with Janice Tarleton of Sustainable Faith

Grief is the God-designed (and Jesus-demonstrated) way to handle pain – the pain of death AND the multitude of life’s big and small losses, including those due to the pandemic. Unprocessed, pain piles up and spills out in hurtful, destructive ways, and it diminishes joy, intimacy, and connection. Learn more about grief, loss, transition and practices to engage with God and emotion.

Saturday, Oct. 23 @ 5:00pm ET

praying together

With all the challenges we are facing, do you just need some prayer? Join us during this time to receive personal prayer from our team, and help us pray for others in an intimate breakout room setting. We believe that the Holy Spirit will meet you in a meaningful way as we come together in His presence.

Saturday, Oct. 23 @ 7:30pm EST

Tactics: A realistic gameplan for dicsussing christian convictions

with Greg Koukle, author of Tactics

Do you freeze up when speaking to non-believers about Jesus or other Biblical worldview questions? Do you avoid these conversations due to pressure to “close the deal” or win the argument? Come let best-selling author and renowned apologist Greg Koukl teach us simple tactics that both release the pressure on us and prove to be more effective in reaching hearts and minds as we represent Christ in our schools and everywhere we go.

Saturday, Oct. 23 @ 8:30pm EST

Teaching Renewed All Year Long

with Linda Kardamis & David Schmus

See description coming soon.

On-Demand Sessions

These sessions will be available on-demand October 21-26. 


Alistair Begg

Bravely Teaching by Faith in a Secular Age

with Alistair Begg of Truth for Life

What does it look like for us to teach in a society that increasingly does not like what Christians believe, say, and do? It's tempting to grow angry, keep our heads down, retreat, or just give up altogether. But this isn't the first time that God's people have had to learn how to live in a pagan world that opposes God's rule. Join us as Alistair Begg shares insights from his newest book Brave by Faith that show us how to live bravely, confidently, and obediently in an increasingly secular society.

Monique Duson


with Monique Duson of Center for Biblical Unity

Many Christians want to stand for racial unity, but don’t know how. And many approaches to “racial reconciliation” can create more problems than they solve. In this session, Monique Duson, founder of Center for Biblical Unity, will help us understand a Biblical approach to racial unity.

Navigating Gender Identity with Truth & Love (Encore)

with Jonathan Holmes of Fieldstone Counseling

As Christians, we know God created gender, but what exactly does that mean for modern-day questions of gender identity? Join us in this conversation with Jonathan Holmes to discover a Biblical understanding of gender and how to work it out with wisdom, truth, and love.


with Sally Burke of Moms in Prayer

Did you know that there is an army of moms around the country (and world) praying for you? Come hear from the President of Moms In Prayer about the power of prayer to transform schools—and the best part? She has a plan for teachers to pray too.

Embracing Religious Freedom in Public Schools

with Eric Buhrer of Go Gateways

Churches, educators, students, parents, school clubs, and parachurch ministries are coming together in communities around the nation to empower students and educators to exercise their religious liberties at school. The result? School culture is becoming less about radical agendas and more about Jesus. Come hear Eric Buehrer’s simple but bold plan to reverse the direction and culture of our schools and how you can play a part.

David Schmus

Teach with faith (not fear)

with David Schmus of CEAI

Where are the legal lines drawn for public school educators? Can we tell our students about our faith? How do we handle difficult issues like gender, sexuality, and race? Learn the key federal law that sets those boundaries and how it applies in specific situations in the classroom so you can shine your light with confidence.

Legal Update: Current Issues Concerning Christian EducatorS

with Jonathan Alexandre of Liberty Counsel and Caleb Dalton of Alliance Defending Freedom

Are new politically powerful philosophies about gender or race creating a hostile environment for Christian educators at your school? Do you feel the freedom to speak from your Christian convictions? Come hear from Jonathan Alexandre of Liberty Counsel and Caleb Dalton of Alliance Defending Freedom for a legal briefing on where we currently stand on these issues, as well as the extent of your rights to speak freely.

Mike Hicks

How to Kick-Start a Faculty Fellowship Group

with Mike Hicks of Lift America

Do you want to start a teacher fellowship group, but aren’t sure how? Or does your existing group need new life? Come learn about the LIFT Toolkit: a series of short, powerful videos and discussion questions designed just for teachers to connect and pray during lunch or before/after school.


Crystal Kershaw

overcoming anxiety as a teacher

with Crystal Kershaw of Fieldstone Counseling

As teachers, we can so easily be overwhelmed by anxiety and stress. Join us as Crystal Kershaw shares Scriptural principles and practical strategies to help us overcome anxiety and teach with a sense of God's presence and peace.

Heather Kohnen

All filled up: Creating space in our lives for what matters most

with Heather Kohnen of CEAI

Are you overwhelmed by life? Do the distractions of the day to day keep you from meaningful relationships with God and those around you? Do you find yourself wondering if you are fulfilling the purpose that God has for you? Do you wish there was more time in your day for the priorities in your life? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this session is for you. Join us to discover a new way to look at life and the time God has gifted you each day.

Finding renewal when you feel burnt out 

with Amber Harper of Burned In Teacher

After such a crazy year, teacher burnout is more common than ever. In this session, you'll examine why you're burnt out and discover practical steps to find the renewal you need.

Bonnie Marlowe

How to Make Time in the Word Meaningful (Even when You're Busy)

with Bonnie Hunter Marlowe of Teachers in the Word

As a teacher, it's vital to be grounded in the truths of Scripture. But sometimes it's hard to prioritize Bible study amidst all the craziness of teaching. Join us as we discuss how to not only find time for Bible reading but how to make it meaningful and impactful in your life.

Paula Phillips

TEAching uplifted even in challenging times

with Paula Phillips of Right Road Kids

The past two years have been beyond challenging for everyone. Join us for this revitalizing session where we’ll share ways to stay encouraged, focused, and uplifted as educators even when facing challenges and adversity.


Kelly Jackson

lesson planning the easy way

with Kelly Jackson of The Simply Organized Teacher

Is lesson planning taking way too long and feeling way too difficult? In this practical session, Kelly Jackson teaches how to create lesson plans easily and effectively.

Teaching in the spirit

with Jason Wilson of Biola and April Reutter of Love Norwalk

Does the Holy Spirit have an interest in your teaching? Would the Holy Spirit lead your classroom if allowed? Are there heart postures and methods that increase our awareness of His direction? Come be challenged to let the Spirit have His way in your teaching, and experience the fruit that results. 

Leading wisely when nothing makes sense 

with Ashley Ogal of We Teach Joy

As educators, God has given each of us a sphere of influence. But sometimes it can be challenging to lead wisely, especially in times of confusion or difficulty. Join us for a candid conversation with Ashely Ogal about what leadership means and how to lead like the Lord.

Linda Kardamis

classroom procedures that will save your sanity

with Linda Kardamis of Teach4theHeart

In this rapid-fire session, Linda Kardamis will share fifty practical classroom procedures that just might save your sanity and will certainly make your classroom run a bit more smoothly. These procedures solve a variety of common problems such as regaining students’ attention, keeping track of absent/missing work, and even the age-old my-students-don’t-have-their-pencils problem. (Perfect for grades 3 – 12 but will also be helpful for lower grades.)

Refresh your classroom with generosity

with Meghan Shahabi of Generous Classroom

Hear about the 7 Ways of Living Generously and all the possibilities that come when you equip your students to be generous in their school, home, and community.

Flip Your Class to Help Students Excel

with Rick Scarfi of Mathlight

Flipping your class is a simple way to increase engagement, support struggling students, challenge those who excel, and much more! Join us in this session to discover how easy flipping can be - and how to get started.

centers & Stations- minus the stress 

with Laura Kebart of Language Arts Teachers

Have you tried to run centers or stations, only to find yourself confused and overwhelmed? In this session, Laura Kebart shares practical tips to create and manage stations in an easy, realistic way.


These sponsored sessions will introduce you to some of our amazing partners and the fantastic resources they have to support you as an educator (many of which are free!)

why genesis matters: Helping students stand strong on god's word

with Dave Bisbee of Genesis Apologetics

Recent studies have shown that 2/3 of youth who are in church today are likely to walk away from their faith when they reach college. Why is this happening and what can we do about it? Please join us as we explore this important topic.

Navigating Social Justice in Today's Classroom

with Tina Ramirez of Hardwired Global

Students and teachers across the United States face a growing challenge: how do you navigate today’s social justice issues, and live according to your own conscience among your peers — particularly those with whom you disagree? Hardwired has proven that the solution is to establish a human rights framework and a foundation of respect for human dignity and freedom of conscience in the classroom. Since 2013, Hardwired has been equipping teachers around the world to counter intolerance and develop a greater respect for the inherent rights and dignity among their students. We have developed innovative teaching methods that have been used with success in other countries, and we are bringing our experience and resources to you here in this session.

Opening Your Students' Eyes to Global Poverty

with Becky Schulte of Poverty Encounter

Teachers have described the Poverty Encounter virtual tour as a “mission trip for your classroom!” Learn how God is using the church and His people to serve the needs of families living in extreme poverty all around the world. Students leave with greater empathy and compassion for children in need, and a deeper understanding of global poverty. School Partnership information for private schools and accommodations for public schools will also be provided. Poverty Encounter is an initiative of Children’s Hunger Fund.

Reignite your passion for teaching

with Grand Canyon University's Professional Development Team

Join the Canyon Professional Development team from Grand Canyon University as they look at why we can all start to feel burned out no matter how much we love our jobs. Learn how something as simple as a bullet list or a free library app could be the key to helping you reignite your passion!


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