The 2023 Rise Up sessions were designed with YOU in mind & are here to help you shine for Christ in a confused and uncertain world.

Plan your weekend using the summit schedule below. Click on the title of each session for more details.

Live Sessions

Please join us LIVE for the following sessions at the times indicated:


8:00pm ET ⭐️
3 Powerful Words To Build Relationships & Shine For Christ

with Mark Batterson, Linda Kardamis & David Schmus


8:00pm ET
Motivating Students To Care About Learning
with Dave Stuart Jr.

9:00 pm ET
Idea Swap Party 🎉 
with door prizes 


11:00am ET ⭐️
The Discouragement Antidote: Finding Our Worth In Christ
with Jill Miller

1:00pm ET ⭐️
Strategies To Save Time & Find Balance
with Linda Kardamis

2:30pm ET ⭐️
Beating Teacher Burnout
with Elizabeth Schmus & Heather Kohnen 

4:00pm ET
RISE UP FINALE: Rise Up & Shine
with Speaker

⭐️ The Discussion Room will be open for 30 minutes after EVERY LIVE session.

On-Demand Sessions

Watch the following sessions on-demand throughout the weekend:

Light in Your Heart:
Reducing Stress & Overwhelm

Light in Your Classroom:
Teaching Effectively

Light to the World:
Reaching Hearts

Standing On The Front Lines: Legal Answers For Christian Educators
with David Schmus & Tyson Langhofer of Alliance Defending Freedom

Unlocking Hearts & Minds: Strategies for Reaching Unreachable Students
with Dr. Rebecca Bowman, Morgan Preston, and Mike Hicks

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Rise Up 2023 is here to provide answers, hope & encouragement so you can shine the light of Christ in a confused and uncertain world - by God’s grace alone!  

Sessions revolve around three main topics:


Light for Your Heart:
Reducing Stress & Overwhelm

Demands on you and your time have only increased. These sessions provide practical strategies & mindset shifts you can use no matter where you teach to restructure expectations and find strength to persevere in Christ alone. 


Light in Your Classroom:
Teaching Effectively

Need some fresh inspiration for your classroom? Level up the good you are already doing and minimize distractions with these easy-to-implement ideas for content engagement, classroom management, and student motivation. 


Light to the World:
Reaching Hearts

Darkness will not overwhelm teachers who rise up and shine brightly for Christ. Plug into that light source and learn how you can protect yourself as you do so in these sessions that will help you grow your impact on the kingdom. 

You also won't want to miss this years' Exhibition Sessions, which will introduce you to some of our amazing partners and the fantastic resources they have to support you as an educator (many of which are free!)

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LIVE Session Details:

Check out the details for each LIVE session here:

(Please note that session topics and times are evolving and may be subject to change.)

Thursday, October 19, 2023 at 8:00 PM EST
Summit Kick-Off: 3 Powerful Words to Build Relationships & Shine for Christ

with Mark Batterson, David Schmus & Linda Kardamis

As educators, we are seeing unprecedented levels of discord and conflict, and it often seems like our students have lost critical relationship skills. But God has given us the opportunity to shine light into the darkness. Join us in the Rise Up Kick-Off, as best-selling author Mark Batterson uncovers the hidden power in three common words to heal wounds and build healthier and happier relationships with our students, colleagues, and parents

Dave Stuart Jr.

Friday, October 20, 2023 at
Motivating Students to Care about Learning

with Dave Stuart, Jr.

Are you struggling with student apathy or a general lack of motivation? Join us as motivation expert Dave Stuart Jr. shares the key factors that affect student motivation and how we as teachers can inspire our students to not only do the work but genuinely care about it.

Friday, October 20, 2023 at
9:00 PM EST
Idea Swap Party

with door prizes!

We all know that the best ideas come from fellow teachers, and hearing what's working for someone else can be invaluable! That's exactly what we'll do in this exciting Idea Swap Party. We'll share ideas, laugh together, enjoy fun giveaways, and more! It's sort of like a party in the teachers' lounge - but without the drama!

Saturday, October 21, 2023 at


with Jill Miller

From a negative observation to an out-of-control class to an unhappy parent, when things go wrong it's easy to feel discouraged and dismayed. This often happens because we tie our worth to how successful our classroom is, but there's a better path. In this session, we will explore the importance of finding our worth in Christ rather than in the success of our teaching. Join us to discover how to cultivate a healthy and secure identity rooted in Christ. You'll also learn practical steps for applying these principles in your teaching and personal life.

Linda Kardamis

Saturday, October 21, 2023 at
1:00 PM EST

strategies to save time & find balance 

with Linda Kardamis

Does the constant rush to finish your to-do list leave you frazzled? Could you use some practical strategies to help you save time and finding balance! In this session, get tips and tools for time management, prioritization, and streamlining tasks. Join us to get equipped with the skills you need to achieve a healthier work-life balance and thrive as an educator.

Saturday, October 21, 2023 at
2:30 PM EST

with Elizabeth Schmus & Heather Kohnen

Teacher burnout hits all of us at some point in our careers, but what do we do when it does? In this transformative session, we’ll explore what it means to be an ambassador of Christ in education, and how this change of perspective is the best antidote to burnout. Join us as we put on an ambassador mindset, bask in God’s love and goodness, and reflect on what God has done and continues to do. You’ll leave inspired and equipped to combat burnout and fulfill your sacred calling as an educator.

Saturday, October 21, 2023 at
4:00 PM EST
summit finale: Rise Up & Shine

with Linda Kardamis & David Schmus

As our culture continues to turn away from God, the world is getting darker, people are more confused, and the future feels uncertain. But rather than shrinking back in fear, God has called us to stand and shine. Join us in the exciting summit finale as we celebrate what God is doing and explore the incredible opportunity we have to shine for Christ & impact students with the light of His love.

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On-Demand Sessions

Below is a sample of the On-Demand sessions that will be available from October 19-24th. Additional sessions will be added as they become available.

Light for your heart:

Reducing Stress & Overwhelm


Finding Strength in God when Teaching is Tough

with Jesica Glover

As teachers, we're often stressed and overwhelmed with all that's asked of us. BUT, as Christian teachers, we know God promises to be with us every day in our classrooms! We don't have to EVER take on all the burdens of teaching alone; we can trust that the God of the universe is lifting us up! Join us as Jesica draws our hearts back to Him and reminds us of the real hope we have as we learn to trust our faithful God.

Crystal Kershaw


Overcoming Anxiety: Examining Its Roots and Shoots and Ways to Make It Leave

with Crystal Kershaw

Have feelings of anxiety become your status quo? So many of us are there, but with God's help, we don't have to be! If you've been struggling to experience the peace God promises His followers, you won't want to miss this session. Join us as Crystal helps us examine the common causes of anxiety, and shares scriptural insights and practical tips to help you overcome it.

Kasey Bell


How to Rise Above a Toxic Work Environment

with Kasey Bell

A toxic work environment can infect every area of your life if you let it! But God hasn't abandoned you in this situation. He has a plan for growing you and using you to shine His light (remember, it can shine all the brighter in the dark). Join us in this session for practical help and encouragement as you seek to interact wisely. You'll also learn how to guard your heart and mind in the midst of an unhealthy work situation so bitterness and frustration don't become your norm.


Connecting with God through Immanuel Journaling

with Lori Adams

As educators who seek to evaluate and improve our teaching, we can easily fall into the trap of cultivating an inner voice that focuses on self-evaluation and self-improvement. As a result, we often get stuck feeling inferior and not good enough. In this practical, step-by-step workshop, you’ll discover Immanuel Journaling, a simple method to leave behind the monologue with self and engage in a dialogue with God, leaving you connected to your loving Father who sees you, empathizes with you, and helps you.


How to Experience God's Gift of Rest

with Raphael A. Haeuser

Teachers and students are frequently overworked and stressed, but that is not God's intention for us. While God desires us to work hard, He also designed us to rest. In fact, in God's economy, rest is not a privilege or reward for hard work but rather an act of faith and dependence on Him. Join us in this session to discover how to develop healthy limits, patterns of rest, and a balanced lifestyle - and teach your students to do the same.


The Discouragement Antidote: Finding Our Worth in Christ

with Jill Miller

From a negative observation to an out-of-control class to an unhappy parent, when things go wrong it's easy to feel discouraged and dismayed. This often happens because we tie our worth to how successful our classroom is, but there's a better path. In this session, we will explore the importance of finding our worth in Christ rather than in the success of our teaching. Join us to discover how to cultivate a healthy and secure identity rooted in Christ. You'll also learn practical steps for applying these principles in your teaching and personal life.


Teaching effectively
Kasey Bell

Empower and Engage Students with Digital Choice Boards

with Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning

Give your students choices in their learning through interactive learning menus and choice boards. In this session, we will explore examples of learning menus and choice boards, talk about instructional design techniques, explore how to differentiate, as well as provide tips and tricks. You'll also walk away with tons of free templates!

Linda Kardamis


8 easy ways to turn worksheets into engaging activities

with Linda Kardamis

Are your students bored with practice worksheets? What if you could take your existing worksheets and turn them into more engaging practice activities? Now you can! Join us to learn eight simple transformations that are so simple and easy that you can start using them tomorrow.


Smart Classroom Management Strategies for Today's Classroom

with Michael Linsin

While classroom management has always been a challenge, lately students' behaviors seem to be spinning out of control, plunging educators into confusion and frustration. However, classroom management expert Michael Linsin shares that the solutions aren't actually as complicated as we might think. Join us to discover straightforward strategies to rein in the chaos and create an environment where students can focus and learn.


How to Personalize Instruction without Needing Extra Time

with Dave Bedell

Do you wish you had more time to reteach students who are struggling? Or could allow advanced students to work at a more accelerated rate? Dave Bedell has created a system that allows you to do both without needing any extra prep time or instructional time. Come discover this incredible system that frees you to meet each of your students right where they are and provides personalized instruction that keeps them all engaged and growing.


The Breakdown of Classroom Discipline: How We Got Here & What to Do Now

with Daniel Buck

Too many teachers are struggling under the breakdown of school discipline, but the solutions aren’t always obvious. How do we balance the need for accountability and consequences with the call for grace and forgiveness? Join educator and author Daniel Buck for a compelling discussion about the breakdown of school discipline, restorative justice, teacher safety, and much more. You’ll come away with practical strategies you can implement to create a respectful culture in your own classroom, regardless of your school’s approach to discipline.

Kelly Jackson


lesson planning the easy way

with Kelly Jackson

Is lesson planning taking way too long or feeling way too difficult? In this practical session, you'll discover a simple system to create effective lesson plans - without the stress and without it taking forever!


Teaching in an AI World: Benefits, Challenges & How to Use AI Wisely

with Vicki Davis

ChatGPT and other AI tools are true game-changers, bringing additional challenges to the classroom but also a world of new opportunities. If you're scared, uncertain, confused, or curious about AI, join us as expert Vicki Davis helps us consider how we can approach AI from a Biblical perspective. You'll learn exactly what AI is, how ChatGPT works, and some amazing benefits for teachers and students. We'll then tackle the challenge of academic honesty and discuss how pedagogy may need to change as AI becomes more and more common.


Online Dual Enrollment: A Path to Academic Excellence

with Colorado Christian University

Join us for an enlightening session on CCU Academy's online dual enrollment program. Discover how this transformative program can accelerate your student's academic journey, providing them with early exposure to affordable, college-level courses and the opportunity to earn valuable credits while still in high school. Learn about the benefits of this flexible and affordable educational pathway and how it can serve as a powerful springboard toward their future academic success. Don't miss this chance to explore the limitless possibilities that await your students through CCU Academy's dual enrollment program!


Get a World-Class degree online

with Liberty University

Want a graduate degree but don't have time to commute to campus each week? We understand! We have solutions! Learn about Liberty University's online programs with flexible offerings to help you meet your educational goals! This session will provide you with an overview of Liberty’s programs that can help you prepare for a career in teaching, school administration, school counseling, curriculum development, higher education administration, and more.

Light to the world:

Reaching hearts


Standing on the Front Lines: Legal Answers for Christian Educators

with David Schmus & Tyson Langhofer of Alliance Defending Freedom

Our nation is in the midst of a profound spiritual and philosophical conflict, and Christian educators are often caught in the middle. Conflicts about race, gender, pronouns, bathrooms, and participation in athletics are often fought primarily in our schools. Do you have legal questions about what you can or can’t say or do in response? Are you concerned about losing your job if you stand up for your beliefs as a Christian? Come get your questions answered and be equipped to stand by attorneys on the front lines of protecting our rights on these issues.


Transgender to transformed: a testimony of hope & Healing

with Laura Perry Smalts

As Christians, we are called to both truth and love, but sometimes that's easier said than done, especially with sensitive topics like transgenderism. Hearing from someone who has personal experience with the transgender lifestyle can help us have a better understanding of truth along with a heart of compassion as we seek to meet our students where they are.

Join us as Laura Perry Smalts shares her testimony of how God drew her to himself, called her out of transgenderism, and has provided incredible healing in her life. She'll also share insights and advice for interacting with wisdom, truth, and love.


Unlocking Hearts & Minds: Strategies for Reaching Unreachable Students

with Dr. Rebecca Bowman, Morgan Preston, and Mike Hicks

Every day we encounter students who are disengaged and difficult to connect with. How can we reach them and build the relationships needed to help them grow? In this session, you’ll learn practical strategies to create a safe and supportive learning environment centered around relationship, trust, and communication. You’ll also discover the importance of setting high expectations for all students and empowering them to surpass their own limitations. Leave better equipped to connect and empower every student, unlocking the hidden potential of even the hardest to reach students in your classroom.


Kingdom Classrooms: Unlocking Your God-Given Teacher Superpower

with Michele Holiday

As educators, we sometimes feel helpless and wonder if we’re actually making a difference. If you want to grow your impact, this session is for you! The Kingdom Classrooms framework empowers teachers to stand in the gap and make a difference by activating your teacher superpower—the power and authority of the Holy Spirit flowing through you. Join us for this practical session where you’ll gain valuable tools to help you impact students, transform your classroom environment, and shape your school culture for His glory.


How to Improve Student Performance by Supporting Their Faith

with Eric Buehrer

Did you know that research clearly demonstrates that religious belief improves student academic performance as well as social and emotional learning outcomes? Despite this, many public school districts discourage religious expression, often in illegal ways. Come learn how to appropriately encourage your students to express their faith. You’ll also discover the related academic benefits and experience a training tool that is encouraging public school districts across the country to become faith-welcoming environments. Leave with confidence about what you can and can’t do as a Christian educator.

Jeff Piepho



with Jeff Piepho

Do you ever feel unprepared to respond to difficult questions about God or the Scriptures? Or perhaps you have your own questions that you’d like to address. In this session, Pastor Jeff Piepho shares a simple system that helps anyone analyze Scripture and interpret it correctly. Discover how you can use this system to aid your own personal study, answer students’ questions, or teach students how to rightly consider Scripture for themselves.


A Relational Response to Racism

with Susan Quindag

Race and racism can be daunting topics for Christian educators in both public and Christian schools. In this session, Dr. Susan Quindag offers a refreshing and Biblical approach that is focused on relationships. Discover how a relationship mindset can help us better understand each other and create profound connectedness, meaningful growth, and heartfelt action.


Beyond Biblical Integration: Immersing Students in a biblical worldview 

with Dr. Roger Erdvig

Any Christian school worth its salt desires to instill a Biblical worldview in its students. But do we even know what that means, much less how to actually do it? In this session, you'll learn how to go beyond simple Biblical integration to truly immerse your students in a Biblical worldview, helping them embrace Biblical thinking, rather than turn away from it.


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